Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Glass Is Half Full

The past couple weeks have been a little rough. It seems like every time I try to catch my breath, something else happens. It all started a couple weeks ago when my youngest got sick. Since then, we've all had our turn. I'm trying to look at the glass as half full, trying hard!
After Mason started to improve, Kemper got a bug. I took him to the doctor because he was running a temp at 103 degrees and I couldn't get his fever to break. They did a flu test, which came back negative, and gave him a prescription for antibiotics and cough medicine. Looking at the glass half full, I said to myself, "I'm so happy his flu test was negative."
He was about halfway through his antibiotics when the diarrhea kicked in. As I sat there scrubbing the carpet, I thought to myself, "I am so happy his fever finally broke."
A few days passed and I noticed my eyes were itchy. Then they started to ooze. Eww! I called the doctors office and they were able to get me in 30 minutes later. Looking at the glass half full, I thought to myself, " I am so lucky to be able to get in to the doctor so soon."
Later that day, we went to pick up my prescription. As I stood there with two screaming kids, waiting to pay, I was informed that they didn't have the eye drops and that it would be a little longer while they called the doctor. 30 minutes later, two kids still screaming, I picked up my prescription. As I paid, I thought of the glass as half full. "I am so fortunate that they had this other prescription in stock."
It is now 3 days later. This is the last day for my eye drops. However, there is one small problem. The drops have not worked. I called the doctors office to see what I should do. They called in a prescription for a stronger eye drop. Struggling to look at the glass as half full, I thought to myself, "I'm so happy that they called in prescription rather than have me come back for a second appointment."
I will close with this one last thought of a half full glass. "Maybe I should throw this one out, and get a fresh glass!"


Anonymous said...

Yes I glass. Wow you really stayed optimistic there. I would have totally thought the opposite. I really need to work on that. Are you feeling better now?

MrsSchlereth said...

Hey Lady Bug! I wish I had better news but my eyes are still showing no signs of improvement. Poor me! ;)

MoMo sprnany said...

You crack me up chicka!! I would just start drinking liquor instead of milk then I don't care how full/empty the glass is! lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you are better than me! I probably would have had to grab a pillow and scream to release that kind of stress! I hope everyone recovers soon and you all have a healthy summer!!! And yes, I think you've been through a couple of glasses that are overflowing!!!

Lover of Life/ Nancy said...

Ohhh, that can't be easy with two tiny, sick people! I remember one time my girls got the chickenpox one after the other. These were "devil pox" they were so bad! Anyway I didn't leave the house for six weeks.

I love your attitude about the glass. Yep, I'm thinking time for a new one.

Hope your eyes feel better soon!